My Data Center offers managed infrastructure for your app, website or enterprise solutions. We are here to manage the infrastructure for you and take all the worry away.

My Data Center Solutions

We design and maintain a custom solution built just for you within the Amazon Cloud. We can build out your infrastructure to meet your demands. The infrastructure can scale up and down to help you save money as well as to meet your growing demands.

Don't let monitoring your infrastructure become a full time job for your IT staff. Just add My Data Center to your IT department and we will monitor the infrastructure for you. This way your IT staff can do what they do best and keep everything on premises operating smoothly.

Managed Infrastructure

My Data Center is here to provide a fault tolerant setup with auto heeling capabilities. The infrastructure can be built with front end and backend load balancers, content delivery networks (cdn) as well as all hard drives used are SSD driven.

True Cloud Redundancy

"The Cloud" is a system that is fully setup for redundancy and failure built in mind. We build and maintain self healing infrastructures so you don't have to worry.

Data Backup

Data loss can be huge. Nearly 30% of companies don't survive a year after a major data loss and 60% don't survive after 2 years. We can manage your backups and keep your data safe for long term.

Auto Scaling

You don't need to worry about traffic or load spikes. We can fully customize an infrastructure that will scale out while under load. Then back down to its normal configuration.